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Wednesday 07 February 2024

Ziebart “NATCO’s” car care arm

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Ziebart “NATCO’s” car care arm

Ziebart Egypt is NATCO’s car detailing arm operating in the Egyptian market since 2018.

With the various tailored services and customized packages for our customers in Egypt, Ziebart were able to acquire various customers which reflected in building and gaining a reputable reputation in a short period of time, specifically on the car protection film offered service.

At Ziebart Egypt, to assure that we are delivering an extraordinary experience, we focus on finest details to be able to meet the customers’ needs. As we care about our customers, we moved Ziebart service to serve in El Sheikh Zayed city as per the feedback received from our database “dedicated customers”.

The ultimate car protection film service At Ziebart Egypt, we offer a various selection of product and services at our place to be able to fulfill all our customers’ requests and needs.

All our products are designed with the finest quality and material to satisfy our customers and meet their needs. One of the significant services at Ziebart is car protection film service, which is a transparent material consisting of a thin layer that is applied on the vehicle exterior surface to protect the car from scratches, environmental damage and to maintain the overall car appearance.

More details about car protection film Protection- Car protection film acts as a barrier on the vehicle exterior and any other external element such as scratches, stains and environmental changes that can harm the vehicle appearance.

Ziebart ensures that the protection film is installed without having an impact or harming the vehicle’s exterior appearance.

Preserves Resale Value: Installing car protection film on the vehicle’s exterior will maintain its resale value by protecting the exterior appearance from damage.

Easy Maintenance: Car protection film facilitates the cleaning process as well as maintains the vehicle appearance leading to long-term car protection. Self-Healing Film : Ziebart Egypt ensure that all services provided through our service center is of a good quality and finest material.

Therefore, the car protection film offered by Ziebart Egypt consists of a special material which heals minor scratches and damages. This healing process is successful only when the material is exposed to sun, warm water or heat. Ziebart unparalleled expertise ensures the best car protection film.

At Ziebart Egypt, we ensure that we provide the best service with our expertise and technicians, as we are always keen on acquiring good car care technicians specialized in car protection film in addition to providing them with regular trainings to better serve our customers and meet their expectations.

All of this is to provide Ziebart Egypt customers a unique experience from what is being offered in the market. To enhance our experience and provide our customers with a better service, Ziebart offers car protection, film installation and guarantee for a lifetime warranty.


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