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Wednesday 07 February 2024

Paint Protection Film service

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Paint Protection Film

Ziebart Egypt offers Premium Paint Protection Film service. Ziebart Egypt is NATCO’s car detailing arm operating since 2018 in Egypt. Hammering on its huge success in the Middle East and region, Ziebart Egypt acquired a huge number of customers and gained a good reputation for its exceptional services in a short period of time, specifically the paint protection film. Within a brief timeframe, Ziebart franchise in Egypt earned trust and recognition in the industry with its focus on excellence and the finest details to meet the customers’ needs. To cater to our customers’ demands effectively, we moved Ziebart service center location in Egypt to serve on the outskirts of El Sheikh Zayed city as per the queries received from our dedicated customers.

The Ultimate Paint Protection Film. Ziebart Egypt offers a wide range of services and products for car care with the finest quality and materials to meet the customers’ needs and provide them the best experience. One of the key services provided by Ziebart is paint protection film installation which is a transparent thin layer applied on the vehicle surface to protect it from scratches, environmental damage and to maintain the car’s appearance.

Importance of Paint Protection Film Protection- Paint protection film functions as a barrier between the exterior of the vehicle and any other external element such as scratches, stains, and environmental changes that can harm the vehicle appearance. It also provides protection without harming or having an impact on the vehicle shape.

Preserves Resale Value: Maintaining the exterior vehicle appearance with paint protection film will have a positive impact on the car resale value, as it will protect the exterior appearance from damage.

Easy Maintenance: Paint protection film is relatively easy to clean and maintain. It can be washed and waxed just like the rest of the vehicle's exterior, making it an appropriate option for long-term protection.

Self-Healing Film : The paint protection film offered by Ziebart Egypt includes a special material that heals minor scratches, marks, and damages when exposed to sun, warm water or heat. This helps in maintaining the film’s appearance for a long period and reduces the need for any repairs.

Get the best Paint Protection Film with Ziebart unparalleled expertise. To provide Ziebart Egypt customers a different experience from what is being offered in the market, we provide our customers the finest materials and best quality of paint protection film coating to meet the customers expectation from the service. Our people are the key reason behind the success of Ziebart in Egypt; therefore, we are always keen on acquiring/hiring good calibers and well-trained technicians that understands our customers’ needs and deliver the finest service to meet their expectations. Ziebart is always keen on enhancing our customer experience by offering additional services which ensure that the customer leaves Ziebart service center satisfied. Therefore, in the paint protection film service, Ziebart offers installation and film guaranteed by Ziebart’s lifetime warranty.


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