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Wholesales Manager


Leading and managing all aspects of the wholesale vehicle distribution process.


1.       - Develop and implement effective sales strategies to meet or exceed sales targets for wholesale automotive distribution.

2.       - Build and maintain strong relationships with dealerships, ensuring their needs are met and addressing any issues promptly.

3.    - Work closely with sales teams to ensure that dealer networks are fully supported and informed of any changes or updates in products and policies.

4.       -  Ensure efficient distribution of vehicles to dealerships and manage inventory levels to optimize sales and minimize holding costs.

5.   - Develop and manage pricing strategies for wholesale vehicles, taking into account market conditions, inventory levels, and dealership relationships.

6.       - Oversee the logistics of vehicle distribution to ensure timely and efficient delivery to dealerships.

- Conduct market analysis to identify trends, demand, and competitor activities. Use this information to adjust sales strategies and inventory levels accordingly.

Job Requirements:

·         Bachelor’s degree or equivalent

·         At least 12 years of relevant experience

·         Strong understanding of automotive sales, distribution channels, and logistics.

·         Excellent leadership, communication, and interpersonal skills.

Strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.


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